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How to process customer data and comply with GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into force on the 25th May 2018 and all European companies had to be ready for a new set of rules for collecting and processing of EU citizens’ data. For digital industry - that process online clients’ data - it was a big challenge to comply with new regulations. What has OnAudience.com done to prepare for GDPR?

Context - what is GDPR and what it changes?

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is a set of rules for collecting and processing data of people residing in the European Union or due to the activity carried out within EU territory.

The GDPR specifies current privacy regulations, e.g. by expanding the catalog of information that could be used for identifying a person (which means that the information could be considered as personal data). Specify if the information could be used for identifying a single person needs taking into consideration all possible methods.

What’s more, under the new rules, consumers must be afforded insight and control into companies’ storage and use of their data, which means that companies need to implement new solutions for tracking and controlling all data about every single customer.

How did we prepare for GDPR?

As one of the world’s biggest data providers, we started to prepare for the GDPR months before new regulations came into force because preparations for the new rules was a matter of strategic importance for us. We pay close attention to follow the data privacy rules and we process only non-personally identifiable information.

Since a long time, we have got implemented strict interior procedures aimed to protect users privacy. We’ve taken a number of steps to be perfectly prepared for GDPR regulations:

  • Deeply analysis of interior processes affected by GDPR
  • Implementation of necessary changes in interior processes and procedures
  • Legal analysis of current OnAudience.com business model
  • The legal analysis carried out by EY Law
  • Operational analysis
  • Implementation of interior procedures aimed to protect users personal data

Recently, we have become a partner of Transparency & Consent Framework by IAB Europe. The goal of a Framework is to help all companies in the digital ad chain ensure that they comply with the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive when accessing or storing information on a user's device, such as cookies, ad or device IDs and other tracking technologies.

Processing customer data on OnAudience.com Data Management Platform

Data Management Platforms help companies to manage all customer data. By using this technology, organizations of all sizes can comply with GDPR thanks to controlling and anonymizing all data. To learn more about DMPs, check our article: What is a Data Management Platform?

On our DMP we process billions of Internet users profiles, so we pay close attention to comply with the GDPR regulations. We gather raw data and all the collected data is non-personally identifiable information.

All the data stored and processed on our Data Management Platform is also subjected to the anonymization process. To protect users privacy we use a random alphanumeric identifier for every device so that the people whom the data describe remain anonymous.

Therefore, our product complies with the GDPR, which was also confirmed by the legal analysis.

GDPR compliance - anonymization process on OnAudience.com DMP

Moreover, to fulfill data privacy regulations, we pay close attention to types of the data we gather from our partners (publishers, media buyers, media sellers etc.). It is highly important for us to cooperate only with publishers and companies that obey data privacy regulations.

Data Management Platform - process your data in compliance with GDPR

DMP platforms can help companies comply with GDPR. Under the new rules, consumers must be afforded insight and control into companies’ storage and use of their data. DMPs give companies control over gathered data. It can be easily tracked, changed or deleted.

Moreover, OnAudience.com automatically anonymize all the data collected on DMP, which help to become GDPR safe. It makes all the stored data anonymous, so none of the personal data is processed.

Check how OnAudience.com DMP will help your company comply with GDPR and make it easy to manage all customer data - try our DMP for free. Learn more about our Data Management Platform.

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