a Big Data platform

Numbers of profiles

 > 100M
 > 10M
 > 1M
 > 100k
 > 10k
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Data Exchange

Leading 3rd party data platform.


Data Management Platform

Dedicated 1st and 2nd party
data solutions.


27B+ Profiles

We process over 27 billion user profiles which makes us one of the world's largest 3rd party data provider.

200+ Markets

We collect data from over 200 markets.

500+ Segments

Our desktop data taxonomy including over 500 segments. We offer also more that 150 mobile segments.

Second edition of the report
about global data market

Get our report about global data market and check estimates and forecasts of data markets for 23 countries globally.

For advertisers and publishers
OnAudience.com is the only platform that successfully converts Big Data into revenues.

Unlike other platforms, OnAudience.com provides comprehensive services and products that effectively enriches and monetizes your data.

Our mission is to give the advertisers access to high quality 3rd party data to engage consumers with more connected, more relevant and more impactful communication. Leveraging rich consumer data from our suppliers plays a big role in making that mission a reality.

OnAudience.com is one of our best-in-class partners and provides high quality data including the some of most trusted information about consumers from all UE markets.

Bartosz Malinowski

One of the main challenges in customer engagement is reaching the right audiences with the right content.

With a robust set of user profiles, our partnership with OnAudience.com will help brands create effective campaigns to target, reach and connect with consumers and businesses alike.

Kevin Tan

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