Manage and analyze all customer data on one platform and increase effectiveness of your digital marketing activities.

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Big Data marketing made easy

DMP uses Big Data analysis and Machine Learning algorithms to manage all data about your customers and enrich your CRM system. It makes it easy to analyze clients’ profiles and create custom segments by selecting demographics, purchase intentions or interests and reach them in your campaigns.

  • 1st party data

    Collect own data from any source

  • 3rd party data

    Take benefits of thousands of attributes for over 12 billion user profiles

  • DSP/DMP integrations

    License your data to DSP or other DMP platforms for targeting on-line campaigns

  • 2nd party data

    Manage data collected for customers and partners

  • CRM integrations

    Enrich your CRM with ultimate data for better customer experience

  • Audience reports

    Use machine learning for real-time reporting about your customers’ behaviour

Key benefits

Manage all your data

Easily collect and manage data from all your sources and your business partners

Find new markets

Get access to over 12B client profiles from 200 markets worldwide

Know your audience

Check how your clients behave to prepare personalized buying journey

Activate client data

License target audiences to global DSPs to run hyperpersonalized campaigns

Enrich your data

Use our 3rd party data to create 360-degree customer view

Create segments

Use our 3rd party data to create 360-degree customer view

Comply with GDPR

Anonymize all data you collect automatically on DMP and make your data non-personally identifiable.


Unlimited events

Keep an unlimited number of events per user

Unlimited attributes

Describe users with an unlimited number of attributes


Our Data Management Platform is delivered in BDaaS model to implement Big Data functions easily and avoid high cost of updating and maintaining your infrastructure.

Fee per usage

Pay only for what you use. We use thresholds and customize offer based on scale of used data.


What is 1st party data?

First-party data is your data. This data is collected directly from your own sources. This data usually includes website traffic data, mobile application data and CRM data. This data is available only to yourself unless you decide to license it to others.

What is 2nd party data?

Second-party data is data collected directly from your partners. This data usually includes on-line campaigns data and customer journey data. This data is shared between you and your partners according to individual agreements.

What is 3rd party data?

Third-party data is data delivered by other providers. This data usually includes a very wide range of attributes. This data is usually available on the market at a specified price but private deals are possible.

What is DMP?

Data Management Platform (DMP) - is a technology platform used for managing data mainly for digital marketing purposes. It allows to generate audience segments, which are used to target specific users in online ad campaigns.

What can I do with DMP?

DMPs are used for gathering data (offline and online), integrating it to create full view of customers, managing data to create audience segments and activating customer data in the marketplace, including adservers and global DSPs to run personalized campaigns.

Take full control of collected data

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