Turn your user data into valuable business insights and higher ROI

With a DMP (Data Management Platform) you can collect and analyze your user data to:

  • Create custom segments for targeted ad campaigns
  • Share your data and use OnAudience database with billions of profiles
  • Increase the ROI of your digital ad campaigns
  • Discover unique insights about your audience behavior
  • Find new ad audiences that match your current customer profile
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How can a DMP benefit your digital marketing?
DMPs help you improve your digital campaigns. The platform makes it easy to manage all customer data and build custom segments dedicated to upcoming campaigns. Divide your customers based on specific products, markets or attributes and deliver them tailored adverts. OnAudience gets you access to one of the world’s largest database of clients’ profiles – find your new clients among over 50 billion user profiles worldwide.
User data from all your sources in one platform
Easily collect customer behaviour data from various sources: websites, mobile apps and business partners on one centralized platform.
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Group your users into key target audiences
Divide your customers by purchase intent, market, age, gender or interests and deliver them personalized ads that are more effective than traditional ads.
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Share your audience data with partners
Exchange your data with companies that also use OnAudience.com DMP to create highly-efficient segments for targeting or to monetize your data.
Get access to 27 billion user profiles
Find new ad audiences similar to your current users from our database of over 27 billion user profiles. With OnAudience you get the first 2 million ad impressions completely free of charge.
GDPR-friendly data
All data collected with our DMP is GDPR-safe. We comply with privacy laws and we are a partner of Transparency & Consent Framework 2.0 by IAB Europe.
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Valuable business insights about your audience
Get behavioural patterns and unique insights about your users that include demographics and interests. You can use this information to personalize your website or sell ad space to non-competitors that interested in advertising to your audience.
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Get valuable business insights about your audience
OnAudience.com DMP makes it easy to analyze profiles of online customers. You can automatically generate reports that include interests, demographics and purchase intentions of your users.

We find behavioral patterns and show what attributes are specific to your online customers, e.g. if visitors are mostly young people from big cities, interested in travels and technology.

On the basis of the analysis, you can identify the most valuable clients’ groups and target them in highly personalized campaigns. In our reports, we present segments to which belong users who visited specific product sites, e.g., if your customers are interested in automotive or are going to buy electronics.
Segment your audience and run targeted campaigns
Reaching out to the right audience is crucial for the effectiveness of online campaigns. DMP OnAudience.com allows companies to collect all data about customers from various sources and next divide them into specific segments.

You can mix attributes (e.g., age, gender, interests, behavior) of all your clients to create audience groups for specific campaigns. Build various segments and run personalized campaigns - deliver your clients’ messages perfectly tailored to their needs.

Created segments can be easily licensed to global DSPs and targeted in your campaigns. Build audiences that like specific products or activities, create segments divided into specific markets and show them accurate messages to improve relationship with your clients.
Case Studies
How can a DMP help you make more informed marketing decisions and increase ROI?
DMP is a powerful technology that helps you improve your marketing activities. By analyzing your clients’ profiles you know exactly what they need. Data behavior and attributes of online customers are like a signpost for your marketing decision - what product you should promote in which groups? Which features you should expose? Check the profiles of your audience and discover what they desire.

Armed with this knowledge you can prepare more relevant campaigns and achieve your marketing goals. Data-driven decisions will help you run highly effective campaigns, which leads to maximizing your sales.

See our case studies and check how we used DMP to integrate data and conduct personalized campaigns targeted at precisely chosen audience groups.
Data integration on DMP for global electronics company
Campaign for one of the largest mountain resorts in CEE Region
Integration with global DSPs
OnAudience.com is a trusted partner of leading adtech companies. Our DMP is integrated with global DSPs, so you can easily run campaigns to selected target groups by using chosen platform.

Find the right users, create a segment in DMP and license it to global platforms to reach out them in your campaigns via display ads, video, search or social media.

You can create and target audiences that, e.g. buy your products regularly, spend specific budgets or spend a lot of time on your website. Build your target groups and try various marketing techniques, such as cross-selling or up-selling to increase your sales.
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