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CRM Enrichment

Data enrichment makes it possible for business to get 360-degree customer view.

CRM Enrichment is solution prepared for companies that rely on CRM systems and need access to extensive customer information.



360ยบ prospecting

Matching behavioral profiles with custom insights allows marketer to design personalized customer experience.

Custom Audience Buying

Reaching audience with personalized advertising content to build emotional relation ultimately drives results.

Filling the Gaps

Have empty cells in CRM filled to rise value of data and boost customer awareness.

Personalized Customer Journey

Individual messaging positively affects brand attachment and customer engagement.

How it works

CRM Enrichments starts with anonymous matching
of users by cookie ID and/or hashed email addresses.

How CRM works

CRM Enrichment in practice

Case Study for leading bank

Case Study for international
consumer electronics company


What is 1st party data?

First-party data is your data. This data is collected directly from your own sources. This data usually includes website traffic data, mobile application data and CRM data. This data is available only to yourself unless you decide to license it to others.

What is 2nd party data?

Second-party data is data collected directly from your partners. This data usually includes on-line campaigns data and customer journey data. This data is shared between you and your partners according to individual agreements.

What is 3rd party data?

Third-party data is data delivered by other providers. This data usually includes a very wide range of attributes. This data is usually available on the market at a specified price but private deals are possible.

Get more out of data - convert Big Data to Smart Data.

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