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Global data and programmatic markets 2017 2021

Global data, programmatic and display ad market 2017-2021


The data market size is growing dynamically. Since 2017 it's been growing at a double-digit rate. In 2020, advertisers increased their spending on data by nearly 20% compared to the previous year. Marketers invest in data to target the right audience and send them personalized messages. After analyzing the growth rates of the display advertising market size and programmatic market size, it's safe to say - it brings satisfying results.

Global data market size 2017-2021

How much will advertisers spend on data next year? The global data market will rise more than two times - from $18.9 B (2017) to $52.3 B in 2021, according to “Global Data Market Size 2017-2019” report by OnAudience.com.

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Potential of audience data

Data spend estimated in the study, includes mainly investments in programmatic advertising, which base on audience data - digital information about customers’ behaviour, interests and purchase intentions. The growth of data-driven companies and development of marketing automation software also plays a significant role in increasing expenditures for data.

What audience data is used for in digital marketing? Let’s list the most popular use cases:

  • increasing the effectiveness of online campaigns
  • precise targeting of ad campaigns
  • finding new clients thanks to look-alike modeling
  • analyzing users’ profiles and preferences
  • designing better products and services

Display advertising market size and programmatic market size

The value of the digital display advertising market will reach $177.2 B globally this year, according to our report. The programmatic market that uses audience data for targeting will hit $129.1 B globally this year, our study reveals. According to eMarketer, by 2021 almost 88%, or $81.00 billion, of all US digital display ad dollars will transact programmatically.

Both display and programmatic markets are the petrol that drives the data market and the demand for high-quality data is growing rapidly in almost all 27 countries that we analysed. In “Global Data Market Size” report we’ve included also estimates of values of display and programmatic markets.

Data privacy regulations and digital advertising market

Data privacy is one of the most important topics in digital advertising. Two years after the introduction of GDPR, a discussion about those regulations is still alive. In 2020, similar regulations called CCPA took effect in the United States. Both marketers and consumers agree that privacy and transparency is crucial for processing data.

Together with the privacy acts, the largest tech companies work on solutions aimed to guarantee users’ privacy. Apple announced changes in marketing consents on iOS, and Google is going to block third-party cookies in Chrome. Simultaneously, Google is working on an alternative solution that will replace cookies. There are also other solutions on the digital market that help to target users without using cookies. It’s important to mention the Unified ID 2.0 initiative, the popularity of which is growing fast.

It is a solution that can be a replacement for third-party cookies and companies such as The Trade Desk, LiveRamp and Criteo cooperate to implement this identification technology to help marketers target online users.

What is the impact of those privacy and tech issues on the digital ad market? If we look at the reports and forecasts, we can say that marketers are rather optimistic about the development of the digital advertising market.

The world’s largest data markets

The largest programmatic markets are also the largest data markets because ads served programmatically needs data. The world’s largest data market in 2020 is the US. The US marketers will spend $24.7 B on data this year. Europe is the second-largest data market in 2020 with an estimated value of $6.3 B. It is followed by China data market ($5.4 B in 2020).

The worlds largest data markets

The world’s largest programmatic markets

As we pointed out in the previous paragraph, the world’s largest programmatic markets are the same as the data markets, because programmatic advertising base on audience data. This year, the US programmatic market will hit $70.0 B (+12.3%), followed by China $23.4 B (+19.1%) and Europe with an estimated programmatic market value of $19.2 B (+11.6%).

The largest programmatic markets 2017 2021

The largest data markets in Europe

Marketers in Europe will spend $6.3 B on data this year. This market grew by 18.1% since last year. The largest data market in Europe is the UK. France took second place with a value of $912.5 M (+22.7% YoY). Behind France is Germany ($626.3 M) and the list of the largest data markets in Europe closes Denmark ($129.9 M) and Italy ($98.4 M).

The fastest-growing market among the largest data markets in Europe in 2020 is Germany with a growth rate of 24.5%.

The largest data markets in Europe

The methodology of the “Global Data Market Size” report

The “Global Data Market Size” report is the 3rd edition of the OnAudience.com study. We analysed 27 markets that generate about 90% of the global programmatic spend. We made estimates of market value for which there was available independent data about the online advertising industry. We also used our own data, know-how, and we based our activities on many years of business experience.

Methodology of the global data market size report - chart

In the study, the programmatic market is treated as a part of the display ad market (not including video, etc.), which is a part of the whole digital ad market.
The estimation of data market values includes spendings for data that is mainly used for targeting in programmatic campaigns (spendings for 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data and cost of processing data, including costs of Data Management Platforms).

Download the “Global Data Market Size 2017-2021” report

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The size of data market: 2016-2018

OnAudience.com also revealed a report about global data market size in February 2018. This edition includes a comment from Microsoft expert who speaks about growing data market. Find out the older edition of our report to check how global data market is growing across the years. 

Download previous edition of the “Global Data Market Size” report (2016-2018)

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Older Reports

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