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Online taxonomy OnAudience

How to use online taxonomy by to find your target group?


After defining your target group, it is important to find high-quality data and check if the reach of your target audience is large enough to run a campaign. We created an easy to use tool that will help you to find your target audience and its reach within seconds. Let’s check how our Online Taxonomy works.

Data taxonomy in programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is based on audience data. To make it easy for advertisers to choose the right target groups, data providers build data taxonomies. By using machine learning algorithms the collected data points (every online activity, such as opened URLs, time spent on website or localization) are grouped into user profiles and then into larger segments, such as Football Fans or Music Lovers.

When you can target your campaign at specific group, you can just choose a data provider and segment on DSPs, such as Adform, DV360, The Trade Desk, or AppNexus. After you select the most interesting groups for you, you can start a personalized campaign, which will be displayed only for previously selected users.

Data taxonomy in programmatic advertising includes ready-made segments that you can’t modify. It means that you are not able to change the attributes of any group. provides over 1,200+ segments from which you can choose your target audience. But if you won’t find your perfect customers, you can create custom segments.

How to use online taxonomy?

To access our online taxonomy, go to Audience Data page and click the button "Access our taxonomy":

Leave your email to access our taxonomy. If you want to talk with our representatives, please check the box: “I would like to be contacted by an audience expert to get help with finding or creating a segment.”

We’ll contact you to talk about choosing existing segments or creating custom ones, tailored to your campaign.

1. Select your target market

After filling the form, you will go straight to the main page of our online taxonomy. Here you can start to look for your target audience and choose from billions of profiles worldwide. If you look for an audience from a specific market, choose the country first.

2. Search for target audience you are looking for

Now you can look for a segment on the chosen market. Use our search engine and type what kind of audience are you looking for (e.g., Automotive, Football or Technology & Computing). You can also take a look at segments by selecting and digging into the categories:

  • Brands,
  • Demography,
  • Intent,
  • Interest.

3. Check the ID and reach of your target audience

When you find the right audience group, you will see a short description of the segment and its reach on the most popular DSPs. To see their ID on various platforms, just click ‘View ID’ link - it will help you to easily find the chosen segment on DSP you use.

Selecting the right audience for your campaign is the best way to succeed. Check our taxonomy and if you won’t find your target group, consider creating a custom segment. Go to our article to check how to create and use custom segments.

Learn more about data

As an owner of the largest database of audience data in Europe, is one of the world’s largest data providers which offer packed audience segments (1,200+ segments) and distributes them within the most popular DSPs and 3rd-party marketplaces at the same time.

Our team can build a custom segment, tailored to your campaign, within 48 hours. Check what custom segments we’ve already built and create your own target group.

We offer high-quality data for programmatic campaigns that is:

  • GDPR-compliant
  • Accurate & up-to-date (confirmed by Nielsen DAR)
  • Made up of 1,200+ predefined segments and 27 billion user profiles

View available audience segments

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