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DMP: what is it ebook

[Free Ebook] DMP Guide for marketers

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What is a DMP - free ebook

The Digital era gives us access to an endless amount of data. These numbers are rapidly growing together at a rapid pace, and marketers have the power to not let it go to waste. With our "DMP Guide for marketers" you'll learn how to use DMP to boost your campaigns.

An effective solution for storing, managing, organizing data and feeding demand-side platforms (DSP) with segments is by using a Data Management Platform (DMP). DMPs were introduced into the digital marketing environment, where the programmatic advertising model is used effectively.

DMP Guide for marketers - download free ebook

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What can you achieve with a DMP?

With a Data Management Platform you can try various techniques that base on audience data to improve your marketing and increase sales, such as creating custom segments, building look-alikes, optimizing media spend, personalizing ads or enriching your customers' profiles with external data.
In this ebook, marketers will find the most popular ways of using DMPs.


From this e-book you will learn:

  • what is a Data Management Platform and how to use it in marketing
  • 6 ways of using a DMP in marketing to increase sales
  • how to choose the right DMP technology for your business


For whom is the ebook dedicated to:

  • digital marketers
  • programmatic specialists
  • media planners
  • data scientists

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