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FIFA World Cup is coming - reach football fans from all over the world

The 22nd World Cup will begin on November 20. The eyes of the whole world will watch the struggles of 32 teams - millions of football fans are waiting for a great soccer celebration. Reach them with our new, high-quality segments and show them personalized ads.

Fifa World Cup 2022 - reach soccer fans with our fresh audience segment

The World Cup, the world's biggest sporting event, is approaching. During the previous championship, held in 2018, US$2.4bn was spent on advertising. This is a huge result considering that the entire event lasts less than a month. Community focused on soccer is huge, the championship was watched by 3.5 billion viewers. The final alone attracted 1.12 billion viewers.

This is an event that as a marketer you should not miss. It is an opportunity to reach a huge group of people with specific interests. To make it easier for you to reach this group, we have prepared a segment called "World Cup" to help you prepare an outstanding campaign. We also provide segments of users interested in soccer and international tournaments, which can be valuable target groups for your upcoming campaign.

World Cup 2022 is coming - check the details of World Cup audience segment

The "World Cup" segment was created by the OnAudience team specifically for the upcoming championship. It includes profiles of users who regularly visit websites about the World Cup, so they are true fans that can’t wait for the event! We collect data from more than 200 markets, so you can reach soccer fans from the farthest corners of the world without worry.

Campaigns created with the World Cup in mind don't have to be all about sports. The World Cup is a must-see event for soccer fans, and for this reason it is the best time to present your campaign. You can promote:

  • takeaway food,
  • drinks,
  • sport stuff,
  • t-shirts,
  • electronic gadgets,
  • scarfs
  • or other products connected to football or not.

Because football fans have their own passions and things they are planning to purchase.

Connected TV data and various user IDs that allows you to target World Cup Fans

You can create campaigns based on a popular identifier - 3rd party cookies or other, cookieless IDs, such as Mobile Advertising IDs, CTV data or Public IDs (e.g. Unified ID 2.0). Responding to the needs of the industry, many cookie-alternatives have been created. Currently, cross-device targeting and reaching users with ID management solutions is becoming increasingly popular in the market. You can easily reach your World Cup target group using cookie-based segments or you can use other types of audience data, not based on cookies.

In order to be able to manage data about users from various devices and with various IDs efficiently, the ID Graph device was created. You can learn more about this solution here.

There are many IDs on the market right now, which are an alternative to 3rd party cookies, and help you in cookieless targeting. We can mention just the most popular ID management solutions here: Unified ID 2.0, Identity Link or OnAudience Graph. To learn more about them, check our article with post cookies advertising alternatives.

Reach your audience with programmatic ads

Data is an essential element of successful programmatic advertising, in which the user receives an advertisement the moment he or she opens the website. As you probably know, within seconds, when the page loads, there is an exchange of data that results in the display of the ad.

This way, your advertising content can be published to soccer fans, even if they visit a non-related site. However, if their general online activity shows an interest in soccer and - especially - in the World Cup, he or she may be an ideal target. Use our segment to reach them.

How to choose a data provider to effectively reach your audience?

If you decide to create a programmatic campaign, you need to stock up on data. There are many data providers on the market. How do you choose the perfect data provider? There are a few golden rules that you must always keep in mind - check an extensive article with our advice.

One of the most important things is the quality of the data offered. Always ask about data hygiene. Providers should systematically ensure the quality of their data. This is an elementary issue. If you don't take care of data hygiene, your campaign may perform much poorer than expected.

Another basic issue is privacy. Data providers must be careful that their offerings comply with regulations such as GDPR or CCPA. This is a legal requirement that should not be taken lightly.

With the cookieless era approaching, there is another guideline to meet. The ideal data provider should care about data diversity. It's worth using a variety of IDs, alternatives to 3rd party cookies. Act multidimensionally, start looking ahead today to confidently operate under new rules in the future.

Learn more about OnAudience data that will help you reach your audience

As an owner of one of the largest databases of audience data in Europe, OnAudience.com is one of the world’s largest data providers which offer packed audience segments (1,200+ segments) and distributes them within the most popular DSPs and data marketplaces at the same time.

The matter of strategic importance for us is users’ privacy and delivering high-quality data to our partners. We carefully analyze the digital market and we are prepared for the cookieless future. In other words, we provide solutions for cookieless targeting - such as our proprietary ID management solution - OnAudience Graph.

To learn more audience data we deliver, our taxonomies, and data sources, please check our website about Audience Data.

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