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programmatic market

Fast growth of CTV and increase in US ad spend in 2022 - Data & Programmatic News in a Nutshell

We have compiled the most important news from the data, online advertising and programmatic market from 1th August 2022 to 31th August 2022. Check out what happened in the last month on the data & programmatic market.

Ad spend in the US will grow in 2H 2022

The IAB publishes a report that analyzes planned advertising spending for 2H 2022 in the US. Advertising spending in the second half of 2022 is expected to increase by 7% over the original plan, and for all of 2022, spending growth will reach 9% y/y. In 2023, ad spending in the US will continue to grow - marketers estimate that growth will then reach 10% y/y. 

Streaming viewership, including CTV,  passed cable for the first time ever

Time spent watching streaming services by users in the US surpassed both television and cable in July for the first time ever, according to Nielsen data. U.S. viewers spent an average of 190.9 billion minutes streaming content per week.

In view of this situation, this is a good time to bring CTV data into your analysis. It is a valuable channel that can help you expand your company's marketing. You can learn more here

Apple expanding App Store ads

Apple is expanding its advertising business and adding two new ad slots to the App Store. Currently, the App Store has two ad slots: one on the main 'Search' tab and one in the search results. The two new App Store ads announced today will bring ads to the App Store's 'Today' home page, as well as to individual app pages.

Sticking to Ad Spend Plans in the Face of Economic Uncertainty

The advertising industry is facing uncertain times, but ad spending is still expected to increase in 2022. During the 1980s recession, companies that continued to advertise saw 256% higher sales than their post-recession competitors. Brands that maintained their CTV campaigns during the peak of economic uncertainty at the start of the pandemic saw 26% higher ROAS in the following months than brands that were inactive.


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programmatic market
programmatic market

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