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Covid prevention tool OnAudience

COVID-19 Prevention Tool: how OnAudience use big data to fight the coronavirus pandemic

Geolocalization can help to limit the spread of coronavirus pandemic. OnAudience team developed a tool that can warn you if you had been close to the person infected with COVID-19.

COVID-19 is highly contagious and spreads easily by infected people, even those without any symptoms. The number of new cases is growing exponentially and can quickly overload the healthcare system.

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets may be used to warn people about the high risk of being infected. An appropriate warning message can be delivered directly to the mobile device of unaware users asking them to take extra safety steps or even requesting them to be quarantined. OnAudience team developed a tool that makes it possible - it is called COVID-19 Prevention Tool.


How does the tool work?

The tool uses AI and data analysis of mobile devices geolocation to warn users about being close to people who are infected. The technology can track location of infected people and the system know where they have been recently. If someone has been near to that location, the tool sends him or her a warning message.

"We anonymously track mobile devices and collect information about geolocation, mainly received from GPS for the best accuracy,” Maciej Sawa, our CEO, explains on MediaPost how the tool works. “With a little help of Artificial Intelligence, we can identify people being at risk, because of meeting an infected person or being in a contaminated area.”

How does the tool work? Let’s take a look at these 3 steps:

1. We anonymously appoint mobile devices of the infected people

2. Our system knows the places they have recently visited

3. It delivers warning messages to people who:

a. Have meet infected carrier recently

b. Spent time in the same places

After receiving a warning message, the user can take precaution steps to stay safe and do not infect other people.

We use our database to help limit the spread of coronavirus

The Prevention Tool uses our database and analyze over 3 billion devices to track users across the world. On a daily basis, we use anonymous information such as geolocalization for online advertising purposes, but the same data can be easily adapted to help fighting diseases like COVID-19.

By using mobile device geolocation, we can perform low latency analyses like:

● Mobility index comparison

● Inbound traffic measurement

● Outbound traffic measurement

We used our geolocation data to find out how people in Europe limited their mobility during the lockdowns. Check the results of our study here.

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