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Case Study: DMP for one of the largest mountain resorts in CEE region

We used a DMP platform during our cooperation with an international mountain resort. We used the technology to analyze current user profiles and find the best converting ones to target them in online campaigns. Check how we found new clients thanks to Big Data analysis and increased efficiency of online campaigns.

Data Management Platform - analyzing users’ data

Our client wanted to know who their clients are, what interests them, what is important for the audience. By better knowing users profile, the resort wanted to deliver them personalized ads and increase the number of reservations in four objects.

To look deeply into user profiles, we used our DMP which made it easy to discover audience insights by using 1st party data (owned by client). To learn more about DMP, check our another post - What is a Data Management Platform?

We checked profiles of visitors of five different web pages: four main pages of mountain resorts and an online shop where clients can made a reservation.

By Big Data analysis we could discover behavior, interests, demographic and purchase intentions of web visitors. What’s more, thanks to detailed user analysis, we identified profiles of best converting users, which we reached in online campaigns. We combined specific segments of current users and delivered them personalized ads.

Finding look-alike segments

Targeting current visitors can bring great results but to reach significantly larger audience we needed to use 3rd party data. Our data warehouse is one of the world’s largest and provide over 27 B user profiles, so we could easily find the right profiles and deliver them ads of client’s resorts.

We created look-alike segments, similar to the best converting clients and reach them in conducted campaigns. We also used 3rd party data in remarketing, RTB and search campaigns.

Analyzing statistics, we discovered that a large group of audience needs to see ad multiple times to convert. Over 21% of all target users needs more than 8 contacts with ad to convert. So even if a user is potentially interested in making a reservation, he or she won’t do it when see the offer for the first time or second time. Of course, marketers have to find a balance in displaying banners to not annoy their customers.

DMP: using 2nd party data to find new clients

To find new potential customers we launched content marketing campaign. Thanks to cooperation with large publishers and influencers we could reach to new audience group interested in skiing and winter sports.

An implemented pixel on pages with articles made it possible to deeply analyse readers profiles. After we learn who our readers are, we reached them with personalized campaigns and the statistics showed that it is highly valuable group of clients.

We achieved high conversion rate in conducted content marketing campaign - it reached over 9.41%. The CTR was also impressive and exceeded 26%. Activities based on 2nd party data also generated a new set of profiles which we could use, e.g. in remarketing campagins to increase the number of total reservations.


The DMP technology was the foundation of all marketing activities conducted for the client. It made it possible to gather all necessary data, analyze user profiles, find the best converting ones and activate the data on global DSP platforms to deliver them personalized ads.

What’s more, on one, centralized platform we could analyze results of the running campaigns. And thanks to analysis, conducted activities could be constantly optimized. Big Data analysis and constant optimization helped us to achieve great ROI: 234.80%, which was the most important KPI for our client.

Statistics in conducted content marketing campaigns are also impressive and gave us valuable fuel for targeting the right groups in online campaigns.

Results in numbers

  • 234.80%
    return of investment
  • 26.62%
    CTR in content marketing campaign
  • 9.41%
    conversion rate in content marketing campaign

Download DMP Case Study in PDF

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