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Custom audience: case study

Case Study: Custom Audiences for VMLY&R

We created custom audience with over 1,4 M profiles which helped to achieve 19,46% retargeting post-view conversion rate in campaign that supports the LGBTQ+ community.

Custom segments for political campaign

VMLY&R Poland planned to execute an online campaign just before Parliamentary Elections in Poland in 2019. The campaign was aimed to inform voters which politicians and political parties support the LGBTQ+ community and its values.

We cooperated with the agency before, so they asked us to create the accurate segment that will help them to reach the right users - the ones interested in LGBTQ+ equality.

Programmatic campaign: goal and strategy

The main goal was to reach people open to LGBTQ+ and drive traffic on a dedicated landing page:

It was an educational website where users could find information about pro-equality parties and politicians and sign a declaration of equality.

As a data partners, our role was to identify the right target groups and deliver custom segments.

Two key factors in creating a segment were:
• high-quality data – to reach real users and not waste media budget
• the large volume of users’ profiles – with attributes strictly tailored to the campaign

'Finding the right group for the ‘I vote for love’ campaign was challenging. We had to find users with the highest chance of becoming LGBTQ+ supporters. So we looked for profiles of users who are sensitive to social problems, usually are engaged in non-profit organizations and were recently exposed to LGBTQ+ content, such as articles or videos.

And it was a really effective way of finding the right users - from little pieces of anonymous information we found a valuable group of supporters which helped VMLY&R achieve great results.’

Piotr Tryba, Customer Success,

Custom audience: how did we build it?

To create accurate custom audience, our team need to clearly understand what kind of target groups clients are looking for. During the cooperation with the agency, we took 4 crucial steps to analyse users and find a group with characteristics tailored to the campaign.
Let’s take a closer look at those steps:

1. Brief analysis
We started by analysing the agency’s brief to prepare the most accurate audience. One of our insight was that for this campaign, agency does not need people just interested in LGBTQ+ but also who are aware of social problems and want to be engaged in social activities that support equality.

2. Looking deeper into pro-equality profiles
The second step was to find the best profiles with accurate attributes in our data warehouse which is one of the world’s largest databases about online users’ behaviour. LGBTQ+ rights were a hot topic before elections, so we looked for profiles that recently - maximum in the last 14 days before the campaign - read, watch or searched for content about LGBTQ+.

3. Expanding the target group
The most accurate profiles of users open to LGBTQ+ topics were a large part of the custom segment. But to make the target group even larger, our team looked for the best attribute that is corresponding with the ‘I vote for love’ claim. The most important word in the whole campaign is ‘love’. Love means acceptance, good, tenderness, empathy for another person. So we looked for people who really searched for love – we added profiles of people who are dating, but treat this seriously and plan a life with another person.

4. Licensing custom segment in the private marketplace
After analysis of profiles, we built a segment that includes over 1,4 million Unique IDs, both desktop and mobile. The target group was licensed it in the private marketplace, so the segment was available only to our client.

Programmatic campaign set to reach a very specific target group: LGBTQ+ users, supporters and people open to LGBTQ+ community and values.

By using custom audience and performance optimisation (buying model: CPC) for filled declarations (filled form) this short, 30-days campaign achieved excellent effectivity. We achieved very high average CTR: 0.57%, but CTR was over 1% at the beginning of the campaign and reached almost 1.3% after optimization.

The viewability of the campaign remained at a good, high level of over 61% all the time.The strategy of campaign included retargeting to people who visited dedicated landing page, but did not complete the form. We got 1.51% post click CR in performance campaign, in retargeting: 7.97% post click CR and 19.45% post view CR.

Jakub Szcześniak, programmatic director – VMLY&R

The results

It was the first in Polish history campaign of that kind, so finding the best target group open to the LGBTQ+ community was challenging.

But the mix of strategy, analysis and technology helped us to create a segment that brought great results. We are sure that the key to impressive results was great cooperation with the agency.

1.4 M
profiles tailored to the brief

average viewability in the programmatic campaign


Retargeting post-view CR

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