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Brands Taxonomy 3rd party Data - OnAudience.com

Brands taxonomy: over 270 segments of profiles interested in specific brand


Users, who are looking for information about BMW are significantly more interested in lifestyle topics such as: travels, winter sports, theatre, than an average internet user. People often exposed on information about Volvo, have a similar profile, but are notably more interested in automotive, according to our new analysis. 

We analysed billions of anonymous user profiles and built over 270 segments of global brands, which are used as a fuel for programmatic campaigns. The 3rd party data helps to reach out to the right customers and lower the number of not effective campaigns.

OnAudience.com brands taxonomy

The new brands taxonomy includes over 270 segments, which contain millions of anonymous profiles from all over the world that, e.g. have read an article, visited product website, watched a video about a specific brand. Marketers can choose the right segment and reach out to, e.g. over 15 M user profiles interested in BMW, 14.5 M profiles that are looking for information about Samsung or over 4.8 M profiles interested in Dior products.


The new taxonomy includes fashion, sports, telecom, FMCG, electronics and many more brands. Our 3rd party data makes it easier for marketers to reach out to users, who were often exposed to contact with a brand, e.g. Samsung or Apple. What’s more, advertisers can also deeply know users’ profiles.

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Users interested in BMW and Volvo - differences in profiles

On the basis of Big Data analysis, marketers can on demand check profiles of users who are often exposed to contact with a particular brand. Billions of data points about internet users are collected and analysed on our Data Management Platform. It allows the data scientists’ team to generate Audience Reports - documents about interests, purchase intentions and demographics of users from more than 200 markets.

On the basis of analysis of 15.5 M profiles, which are often exposed on contact with BMW brand, we found out that these users more frequently are interested in investments, soccer, politics and pets, than an average internet user. They read about retirement planning and lifestyle topics, such as traveling or winter sports. Distinctive age group among this segment is 45-54, both female and men.

BMW segment 3rd party data OnAudience.com


BMW is a very popular brand, so almost every internet user can be interested in this company, even if is not interested in the automotive segment. Things are different in case of Volvo brand. By analysing 6.5 M user profiles interested in this company, we discovered that they significantly more often read about autos. Against average users, they are more interested in various car types, but also motorcycles, photography, literature and art. The most popular age group is 45-54 (both female and male), similar as in BMW segment.

Volvo segment 3rd party data OnAudience.com


Our analysis showed that users who are often exposed to contact with BMW are interested in general and lifestyle topics and lead an active life, whereas internet users, who are interested in Volvo brand, are especially interested in automotive and they are looking for information about many car models. They, of course, have similar interests like users from BMW segment - soccer, investments, travels - but they are significantly more often looking for information about the whole automotive industry.

Personalised ads increase efficiency

Big data analysis helps marketers to find the right audience and spend marketing budgets more effectively. Users that saw personalised ads are more likely to buy the offered product. According to McKinsey & Company research, personalization increases revenues by 5-15%, and lifts the effectiveness of marketing efforts by 10-30%.

In the age of digitization, personalised ad experience is the future of online marketing. Big Data analysis let marketers reach out to the target audience interested in specific products or services really effectively. Knowledge about users that had contact with particular brands allows marketers to reach out to the right customers at the right time of their customer journey.

Companies are now able not only to show ads to the specific audience but can also deliver messages to the specific groups, such as premium product users. Marketers can easily reach out to premium users because they know, which profiles were often exposed to contact with BMW, Dior or Marc Jacobs brands recently. Advertisers can also target their offer at competitors’ clients.

How to find your target audience and reach out to new clients?

Data can help you increase effectiveness of your online marketing activities. By using high-quality data you're sure that recipients of your ads are humans, not internet robots. Check our Data Exchange to find the right segments. You can compose your own audience group by using custom segments. To check the full list of our brands segments, contact our team.

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