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Audience Data Marketplaces – What You Need to Know

An audience data marketplace is a solution that allows data to be kept organized in one private to activate it for any marketing action.

Targeted advertising brings big benefits as long as the campaign is fed with accurate and high-quality data. OnAudience is one of Europe's biggest audience data provides, with more than 27 billion user profiles from 200 markets. Collected data is intelligently processed so that the delivered dataset for your targeting campaign is extremely tailored and efficient. 

What is an audience data or 3rd-party data marketplace?

An audience data marketplace is a tool that enables the aggregation of audience data that comes from different data providers. Branded or unbranded data, raw or ready to use datasets serve building functions for targeting campaign briefs. An audience data marketplace gives a high level of control for advertisers so they can choose data from various sources and activate on the compatible platforms. 

What kind of data can I buy on an audience data marketplace?

Within an audience data marketplace, you can buy 2nd and 3rd-party audience data segments, filtered by given conditions that depend on the context and monetization need. You can build unique segments with a DMP that can help to meet tailored requirements. Data obtained from user cookies or other touchpoints is used as a basis for the segments.

Buying ready-made segments, you can reach, for example, automotive enthusiasts, movie lovers, winter, or summer sports fans from all around the globe with highly personalized ads. This transfers to greater revenue and increased brand awareness. 

Examples of audience data marketplaces and 3rd-party data marketplaces

There are plenty of global audience data marketplaces, where you can collect, manage, and aggregate your data with external systems for data exchanging purposes. The most popular audience data marketplaces offer additional functions that belong strictly to Demand Side Platform (DSP) or Data Management Platform (DMP) systems. 

1. TradeDesk

US company that partially serve DSP options, allows buying audience data and integrating it for the targeting purposes.  

2. AppNexus

is also an audience data marketplace for exchanging data with additional DSP options.

3. Adform

is a hybrid solution of the audience data marketplace with DSP and DMP functionalities. 

4. Lotame Data Exchange

is a platform in the audience data marketplace, DMP, and 2nd-party marketplaces area. 

5. Eyeota Data Marketplace

is a platform in the audience data marketplace, with 2nd-party marketplaces and data exchange functions.

6. Oracle Data Marketplace,

or BlueKai, is a platform that serves the audience data marketplace and DMP functions. 

7. Adobe Audience Manager

is a platform in the audience data marketplace, DMP, and 2nd-party marketplaces area. 

8. AWS Data Exchange

- for data aggregation and data exchange.

9. Salesforce Audience Studio

the audience data marketplaces with DMP and 2nd-party marketplaces functionalities. 

 10. Adsquare

is a platform in the audience data marketplaces and location data platforms area.

Source: https://datarade.ai/platforms

Where else can I buy audience data?

As many audience data marketplaces are hybrids with partial DSP functionalities, it’s possible to simply buy audience data for advertising directly through DSPs

As an owner of the largest database of audience data in Europe, OnAudience.com offers ready-made custom audience segments and distributes them within the most popular DSPs and Third-Party Marketplaces at the same time.

Additionally, OnAudience offers audience data that is:

  • GDPR-compliant
  • Accurate and up-to-date (confirmed by Nielsen DAR)
  • Made up of 500+ predefined segments and 27 billion user profiles

View available audience segments

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