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Custom segments created for bwin by

Case study: creating custom audiences for bwin campaigns

Custom segments are dedicated to specific campaign and are used to boost their efficiency. Our team built custom segments from our 3rd party data set for bwin - leading online betting brand - which helped to achieve conversion rate even up to 16%.

Custom segments for global online betting brand

bwin, an online betting brand with over 20 million registered customers, wanted to reach out to new customers and boost the number of users who bet on sports during the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia - the most prestigious football competition and the most-watched sporting event on earth.

To target new customers, bwin asked our team to create custom segments that will be used in programmatic campaigns. By targeting the right audience, they wanted to improve conversion rate and acquire new clients interested in sports.

Creating custom segments – book a call

Goal and strategy

The goal was to target users from Belgium and Spanish markets who are interested in gambling and sports and deliver them ads at a crucial time - when they were checking odds in advance of each football match. To reach new customers, we created custom segments and used AdForm DSP - one of the world’s leading platform for programmatic buying.

To achieve the desired campaign goal, bwin opted for a strategy of Private MarketPlace line items within the AdForm DSP. To ensure they were delivering their ads within the preferred environment, they targeted Sports inventory. On each PMP, they overlaid our segments due to the competitive pricing and the custom audiences that allowed for better targeting and delivering personalized ads at the right time.

How we built custom segments?

bwin gave us details about their target audiences. What attributes should they have and what is typical for users that bet online. Next, by using machine learning algorithms and our DMP technology, we searched our database of over 27 B profiles to find specific audiences that finally could be targeted in programmatic campaigns. That is how we prepared precisely selected segments for our client.

To learn more about Data Management Platform that made it possible to find the right audience among billions of user profiles check What is a Data Management Platform

Sport segments created for bwin

We’ve created custom segments of users interested in sports and gambling, precisely choosing their attributes, such as demographics, interests and purchase intentions. The data was used to accurately target new audiences in programmatic campaigns and increase the number of bets as a result of conducted marketing efforts.

Segments that were tailored to bwin needs were as follows:

 Custom segments created for bwin by

To check how you can segment your users to find the best converting audiences, read one of our recent articles - Understanding target audience: definition and types

The results

By using custom segments, bwin delivered to the right audiences messages that they had expected and it significantly improved results of the campaign. Knowing the audience and creating the right messages is a key to achieve results much higher than the market average values.

bwin used our segments in programmatic campaigns which helped achieve the following results:

Custom segments in bwin camapigns -

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Creating custom segments – book a call

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