OnAudience Graph

Accurate ID matching, based either on devices or cookieless IDs (e.g. Connected TV IDs, Public IDs, MAIDs), using OnAudience extensive database of 50B user profiles and global network of trusted data providers.

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Benefits of
OnAudience Graph

The average consumer has over 3 connected devices that they use to browse, engage and shop online, often switching across each device, this is continually increasing.

Reaching, targeting and engaging the same user on multiple devices and platforms is possible through cross-device and ID graph targeting.


An OnAudience Graph can help marketers, advertisers, and publishers:

benefit 1
Deliver more relevant ads across different devices
benefit 2
Better understand your customers and how they interact with your brand
benefit 3
Increased clarity to your ad targeting
benefit 4
Reduce ad waste by targeting users more effectively
benefit 5
Move towards cookieless tracking and targeting
benefit 6
Increase advertising reach by targeting additional devices

How does OnAudience create customer profiles?

OnAudience is one of the world’s largest programmatic data providers. How do we collect data and create user profiles?

Anonymous data from over 7.7 billion devices from over 200 countries is continuously collected and processed by OnAudience.com.



7.7 B


4.5 B

Daily Data Signals

Using OnAudience’s advanced probabilistic matching algorithms, various digital touchpoints and devices are stitched together to create over 50 billion anonymous user profiles from disparate user identifiers.

3.4 B


50 B

user profiles

Available user ID pairings

How does the ID graph process work?


Supply us with the identifiers you’d like to match. OnAudience will provide you with a feed of the user IDs pairings of your choice.


Available ID pairings:


  • Cookie ID
  • CTV ID
  • MAID
  • Public ID


Learn more about using CTV IDs in targeting

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OnAudience Graph use cases


Data Enrichment

For marketers

Enrich your 1st-party data to gain new valuable business insights about your customers. You’ll be able to get a better understanding of who your users are, how they interact with your brand and be able to reach them more effectively with advertising.

How you can use it?

For publishers

Data enrichment helps you get new insights about your users and what kind of content they’re most interested in. You’ll be able to create more relevant content and improve your monetization efforts.

How you can use it?

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Campaign extension & improved ad targeting

For advertisers

Using cross-device ID matching, advertisers can increase the scope of their campaigns by targeting the same user on different devices. Other benefits include more accurate targeting and reduced ad waste.

How you can use it?

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Social Scope

For marketers and advertisers

Enable access to your target audience within the walled gardens of social media. Provide us with your cookie or user IDs and we’ll pair them with their MAIDs that you can use to target your audience on social media.

How you can use it?

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GDPR compliance
Data privacy is a matter of strategic importance for our company. The data is stored and processed on our DMP OnAudience.com.

OnAudience.com’s products and services comply with GDPR Privacy policy. We build our Big Data solutions based on Privacy by Design.
GDPR compliance
GDPR compliance of our products and services was confirmed by legal analysis of global consulting corporation
IAB's TCF 2.0 compliance
We are a partner of TCF 2.0 which helps digital companies ensure they comply with the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive.
Partnerships with global ad tech leaders
OnAudience.com is a trusted partner of leading ad tech companies. We are integrated with global partners and data distributors, so we can match your target group’s ID with the common IDs on the digital market.

We’re integrated with top DMP and DSPs, but we also participate in digital market initiatives, such as TCF 2.0 to make sure that our data is processed in compliance with data privacy rules, and with users’ consent to processing their data.

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