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GDPR is ready for GDPR
Data privacy is a matter of strategic importance for our company. That is why we offer only non personally identifiable information. The data is stored and processed on our DMP, where it is always subjected to anonymization process.’s products and services comply with GDPR Privacy policy.
The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) comes into force on the 25th May 2018 and all European companies must be ready for a new set of rules for collection and processing of EU citizens’ data. New rules are aimed to unify and clarify data privacy law in force in European Union. GDPR will increase privileges of users, whose data are processed.

As one of the world’s largest data warehouses, processing billions of user profiles from 200 markets globally, pays close attention to data privacy regulations. All data we process on our DMP is non-personally identifiable information. The raw data we collect is subjected to anonymization process to protect personal data of internet users. Therefore, is ready for the GDPR rules and complies all the current privacy regulations.
Collecting and anonymizing data by gather raw data. The data is stored and processed on our Data Management Platform, where it is subjected to anonymization process. To protect users privacy we use a random alphanumeric identifier for every device so that the people whom the data describe remain anonymous.

Moreover, we pay close attention to types of the data we gather from our partners (publishers, media buyers, media sellers etc.). It is highly important for us to cooperate only with publishers and companiesthat obey data privacy regulations.
Data anonymization process
We collect raw data
The data is subjected to anonymization process
We store and provide anonymized data
What our data is used for?
1st, 2nd and 3rd party data we provide is mostly used by online marketers to find the right audience with specific attributes and send them right marketing message.

Reaching out to the accurate target group in online marketing is crucial for the effectiveness of the specific campaign. None of PII information is needed for highly effective marketing activities, so providing anonymous data about internet users is what advertisers truly need.
What has done about GDPR?
For our company digital security of internet users and personal data protection are areas of strategic importance. That is why since a long time we have got implemented strict interior procedures aimed to protect users privacy.

We have taken a number of steps to be perfectly prepared for GDPR regulations:
Deeply analysis of interior processes affected by GDPR
Implementation of necessary changes in interior processes and procedures
Legal analysis of current business model
The legal analysis carried out by EY Law
Operational analysis
Implementation of interior procedures aimed to protect users personal data is GDPR safe
EY Law has carried out the legal analysis
of our products and services.
Data privacy
is highly important for our company:
we anonymize processed data
we support Opt-Out mechanism
we are a partner of IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework
we respect Do-Not-Track headers send by web browsers
we collect and process device data, we do not link any data to personal data which identifies a natural person
legal analysis confirmed our compliance with GDPR
we comply IAB standards
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