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Maximize sales with raw data generated by billions of online users

By using Data Stream it’s easy to:

  • build your own custom segments based on raw data
  • enrich your CRM system with raw data to get 360-degree customer view
  • run highly personalized online campaign and effective retargeting
  • stay GDPR compliant
  • build big data tools to improve your marketing strategy

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How Data Stream will help you improve marketing?

Data Stream is a feed of information, which can be provided via DMP platform. This data is used as a valuable source material for building your own audience segments, preparing Big Data analysis to improve your marketing or to making a research before a new product release.

How to use Data Stream in practice? There are loads of possibilities to use raw data in digital environment. Data scientist can modify digital information to run personalized campaigns, optimize media spending or build and upgrade big data tools. Below we gathered 6 ways most popular and efficient ways to use Data Stream in your company or agency.

of advertising campaign

Receive detailed characteristics of your visitors and observe their online behavior. Send them personalized messages which help you to increase ROI.

CRM Enrichment

Enrich your CRM system with raw data and get full customer view to increase the effectiveness of online communication.

Users profiling

Build target groups from raw data. Create your own strategy of online communication and reach the right audience with the right ad.

Effective remarketing

Target users who visited your website but didn’t make a conversion. This saves up to 35% of the total media budget.

Detection of bot traffic

Detect real users and bots thanks to analyzing raw data. Spend your media budget only on real users not bots.

Get GDPR compliance data

All data in our database is being subjected to the anonymization process. This makes the data delivered to you, non-personal and GDPR-friendly.


Data Stream is dedicated to companies of all sizes that have analytical experiences and need raw data to improve their digital marketing. You can implement the service in three simple steps:


Pixel implementation

Implementation of an individual pixel on your website. It enables to match your visitors’ profiles with database.


Analyzing users’ profiles

Whenever a user from our database, visit your website, we check what we know about his or her online behaviour.


Sending daily data feed

We send raw data once a day directly to your server.

Looking for data to improve your marketing campaign? Find out how to use Data Stream in your company.

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Case Studies

How to use Data Stream to enrich audience data and open a new revenue stream

Data Stream is a stream of raw data that you can use to feed your machine learning algorithms or enrich data you already collect. It helps you to create more accurate ads and save your budget or spend it more effective.

Web2Metrics - a company which provides solutions for call centers - used our Data Stream to develop a new product for increasing efficiency of calls. Using raw data and machine learning algorithms they enriched users data to get more info about interlocutors. The growth rate of a new revenue stream generated thanks to developed product achieved up to 400% monthly.

Web2Metrics’s algorithms created behavioral profiles and connected them with one of the types of personalities by Carl Jung. Next, they used it in two ways: as mentioned - to enrich existing user profiles with types of personalities and for prospecting - to find new users act as the best converting users.

Download our case study and see how our client used Data Stream to develop new product and increased revenues.

DMP and Data Stream for Web2Metrics

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