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Data Stream

Data Stream provides access to raw behavioral data based on thousands of data points for billions of unique consumer profiles.

The solution is dedicated to companies of all sizes that have analytical experiences and their own Business Intelligence team, which needs just data to boost your business.


Daily data feed

Get access to daily updated, raw data stream that includes customers’ activity

Deep insights into customers

Get more info about clients to develop a personalized experience

Data analyzed by experienced Data Scientists Team

Receive high-quality data verified and analyzed by our Data Scientists Team

Implementing own machine learning methods and rules

Unveil the power of Artificial Intelligence algorithms to boost your marketing activities

Building Data-Intensive Applications

Create own apps that process big data sets for profiling customers or conducting a risk analysis.

Personalized experience for customers

Send the right message to the right customer at the right time to improve your campaigns



ID Synchronization

We start the anonymous and secure process of synchronization your customers’ IDs with assets through code implementation. DMP installation if necessary.


Data Stream Implementation

We develop secure daily Data Stream to a specified location and verify technological process.


Data Processing

By implementing Data Stream we enhance client’s data assets to improve customer insights. Client can now start build advanced tools and models based on data.


Raw data

Data providing deep insight into customer online journey. It is made out of tens of thousands of data points.

Data point

Data point is a mark of Internet user behavior. It can designate the type of visited website or can be a custom-defined web activity.

Data Management Platform (DMP)

A centralized platform for collecting, processing and activating large data sets from various sources.

Use the power of Data Stream
to boost your business

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