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OnAudience provides audience data that lets you:

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  • Find your audience using Desktop, Mobile or Brands Taxonomy
  • Get free look-alike audiences
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How high quality audience data can boost your digital campaigns?
Audience data enables you to reach the right target group. By choosing as a data provider you get access to one of the world’s largest database that includes over 27 billion high-quality user profiles from 200 markets globally. It is a huge collection of digital information, so you can easily find your new clients.

To precisely reach your target audience, choose the right group from over 1,200 ready-made segments or ask our data experts about creating a custom segment, perfectly tailored to your brief. It will boost the effectiveness of your campaigns instantly.
Get access to 27 billion user profiles
Find new ad audience similar to your current users from our database that include over 27 billion high-quality user profiles from 200 markets.
Run personalized ad campaigns
Use high-quality audience data and custom audiences to show them ads tailored to their interests, demography and purchase intentions.
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1,200+ ready-made segments
Choose the right audiences from hundreds of desktop and mobile segments created in compliance with IAB international standards.
Create custom segments
Build your own audience with attributes perfectly tailored to your brief and reach users who are interested in your product or services.
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Use brands segments
Choose from over 270 brands segments and reach users interested in a specific brand. Find millions of anonymous profiles that read an article or watched a video about a specific brand.
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Get GDPR compliance data
All data in our database is being subjected to the anonymization process. Every device is assigned to an alphanumeric identifier, making the data non-personal and GDPR-friendly.
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Our desktop data covers 200 markets with globally unified taxonomy, including more than 500 predefined segments. Profiles are precisely categorised on the basis of demographic data, interests and purchase intents of web users. We create and provide custom segments on demand.
145 segments, e.g., age, gender, income, from international market research firm - Gfk
Over 350 categories, e.g., Arts & Entertainment, Sports, Health & Fitness
Nearly 100 purchase intents, such as, Automotive, Electronics, Sporting goods
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Our unique brand taxonomy allow you to reach out to customers, who are often exposed to contact with a specific brand, e.g. Coca-Cola, BMW or Apple. It includes over 270 segments, which contain millions of anonymous profiles that, e.g. read an article, visited product website or watched a video about a specific brand. Segments are divided into categories, such as Automotive, Electronics or Financial services.
User is exposed to contact with a brand
User profile is assigned to the specific brand’s segment
The segment is ready to be used for targeting the right audience
Access our taxonomy
We analyze more than 800 million unique Advertising IDs from all European countries. The data is categorised on the basis of demography and mobile behaviour. Using advanced machine learning algorithms we segmented web users into characteristic profiles, e.g., mothers, willing to have a baby, air travellers or cat owners. We create custom segments on demand.
Demography & behaviour
More than 150 categories, e,g., Life Stage, Shopping, Arts & Entertainment, Age
Mobile segments
Based on geotrapping and mobile behaviour, e.g., Parents, Music Lovers, Radio Listeners
Access our taxonomy
Reach your target audience with custom segments

By using a custom segment tailored for your specific campaign, you can reach people with specific attributes, such as age, gender, interests or purchase intentions.

How can you create your own custom audience?


Brief analysis


Finding the right group in our database that includes over 27 billion profiles


Creating a custom audience with the chosen attributes


Licensing custom segment to the private marketplace

View examples of our custom segments

The accuracy of our audience data overtook Nielsen DAR benchmarks levels of up to 50%
To precisely reach your audience you need trusted data. As one of the top audience data providers, our data is always up-to-date and the quality of our segments is verified by an independent market standard – Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings.

Users interests and intentions change in time. That is why the lifetime of our cookies is 30 days. We do not store older files, so by choosing our segments, you know that their interests or purchase intentions are fresh. So you’ll spend your budget effectively.

To verify the quality of our segments we run an independent market test - Nielsen DAR, which compares our data to other audience data providers. The results of data overtook benchmark levels of up to 50 percentage points. See the results in details - download the document that summarises our test and shows the quality of segments.
GDPR compliance
Data privacy is a matter of strategic importance for our company. That is why we offer only non personally identifiable information. The data is stored and processed on our DMP, where it is always subjected to anonymization process.’s products and services comply with GDPR Privacy policy. We build our Big Data solutions based on Privacy by Design.
GDPR compliance
GDPR compliance of our products and services was confirmed by legal analysis of global consulting corporation
Data anonymization
To protect users privacy all data we process is subjected to anonymization process
IAB's TCF 2.0 compliance
We are a partner of TCF 2.0 which helps digital companies ensure they comply with the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive.
Non-PII data only
We do not collect any personally identifiable information
We respect DNT headers sent by web browsers
We support IAB recommendations
Case Studies
How audience data can help you reach the right users and increase sales
Audience data enables you to reach the right target group at the right time and in the right place. It helps you to create highly personalized campaigns and deliver selected messages to users who really expect it.

Choosing the right audience data providers help you optimize your media budget spendings, prepare more relevant campaigns and maximize sales by delivering, e.g. product ad to users who were looking for it.

You can use ready-made segments that are available through global DSPs or create a custom one, tailored to your needs. We delivered custom segments to bwin - a global online betting brand.

See the results of the conducted campaign in the case study.
Creating custom audiences for bwin campaigns
See case study
Creating pro-equality audiences for social awareness campaign
See case study
Integration with global partners is a trusted partner of leading adtech companies. We are integrated with global partners and data distributors, so you can easily run campaigns to selected target groups by using chosen platform.

Find the right users or create a custom segment and reach out them in your campaigns via display ads, video, search or social media.

You can create or use a ready-made segments from our taxonomy which contain over 1,000+ segments, including demography, interests and purchase intentions of Internet users. Build your target groups, reach out to new customers and try various marketing techniques, such as cross-selling or up-selling to increase your sales.
By using our data you will ensure that you are sending the right messages to the right audiences.
Contact us to learn more about our data.
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What is brands taxonomy and how to use brands segments?
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