Learn how to use data and tech to boost your marketing
DMP Guide for Agencies
Learn how to use a DMP to boost campaigns efficiency and take user analysis to the next level.
DMP Guide for Marketers
Find out what is a Data Management Platform and how to use it to improve marketing.
Creating look-alikes: a complete guidebook
Need more clients? Find out how to effectively extend your target groups.
How to use the power of 3rd party data?
Learn how to use data to target the right audience and increase sales.
Programmatic for startups
Find out what is programmatic and how to effectively promote your business online.
Building Data Strategy
Learn how to build a successful and reliable data strategy. Go beyond your regular ROI.
The ABCs of Programmatic
Everything you need to know about the programmatic advertising technology in one ebook.
Custom Segments Compendium
Check our selection of ready-made segments and reach your audience with a unique targeting campaign.
Data-driven advertising: a guide for data privacy
This is a guide for your full understanding of data privacy and transparency topics.
DMP Guide for Publishers
Find out how you can use DMP to sell your ad inventory with big profit.
More from Academy
Check our tutorials and webinars to learn how to use
data and tech to increase sales.

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