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For publishers, UnBlock is a simple way to discover ad blocking and protect revenues.

Unlike the other solutions, UnBlock provides full support for all popular advertising formats including HTML5, Rich Media, Video and OpenRTB SSP’s.


Publishers lose ad revenues

Ad blocking has a significant influence on publishers’ revenue. The number of people using ad blocking software grew by over 40% last year. The loss of revenue due to blocked advertising during 2016 is estimated at $27B.

A resistant ad serving method

UnBlock is a unique ad serving method resistant to well-known ad blocking software. It is a patented solution proven by theoretical mathematics. It is completely transparent for ad servers and web browsers.

Simple ad block detection

UnBlock allows publishers to detect ad blocking software using a wide variety of heuristics. It is simple to deploy and completely transparent for web browsers. It does not affect user experience in any way.

  • 100% compatibility

    100% ads served properly to users with ad blocking software

  • All ad formats

    Full support for HTML5, Rich Media and Video advertising

  • Easy setup

    A cloud based software-as-a-service solution

  • Flexible pricing

    A pay-as-you-go solution


Additional revenues
Up to 40% more incomes for publishers

Display support
Compatible with all popular display ad formats

Increased security
Extra anti-malware layer in ad serving systems

Improved performance
Up to 10 times faster ad loading time

Video support
Compatible with all popular video ad formats

How it works

Monetize traffic from your websites. Get paid for every visitor!

Ad Blocking Report

Blocking online advertisements is a complex phenomenon that affects the business models used by online publishers. In particular, blocking online ads contributes to an erosion of publishers' revenue and consequently undermines the sources of funding of the content published or the services provided.

UnBlock Case Study

UnBlock is a best in class, unique method of on-line advertising, developed by OnAudience. UnBlock can display any format of advertising to users who have installed adblocking plugins into their browsers. In other words, it bypasses any ad-blockades it encounters and shows the ad to the users, regardless of its ad-block plugin activity.


We own one of the biggest data warehouses in the world.

$30B Estimated ad blocked revenues worldwide


CPM based
Fixed CPM rate per impression commended for own ad servers

Revenue share
Custom revenue sharing method. Recommended for programmatic buying

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How does it work?

Unblock is a unique ad serving method resistant to well-known ad blocking software. Our cloud based service process ads and make them impossible to block. Our solution does not use any hacks or exploits to deal with ad blocking software.

Does it support any ads?

Unblock supports all popular ads, including HTML5, Rich Media and Video.

How is this even legal?

Unblock is just an ad serving method and it does not break any regulations. You can use it in the same way as any other ad server.

Can I use it on my site?

Yes, our services are available all around the world.