Performance Trading Desk

For companies, Performance Trading Desk is an obvious choice that visibly improves return-on-investment for on-line advertising. Unlike the other services, the Performance Trading Desk team has vast experience in data enriched on-line campaigns.

Data is the future of on-line advertising

On-line advertising is becoming more and more complex. There are different devices. There are different channels. And there are issues like blocked or invisible ads. At the end of the day programmatic buying gives great opportunities for data aware advertisers.

Big Data used efficiently

The Performance Trading Desk is created by a unique team of on-line advertising specialists and data analysts. We successfully combine marketing strategies with required performance in both display and e-mail campaigns.

Audience targeting

Focus on the best performing customers with lookalike modeling


Retain your customers with display and e-mailing


Active campaigns






Cost-per- Action campaigns


Cost-per- Sale campaigns


Cost-per- Lead campaigns


Cost-per- Click campaigns in media

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