Mailing Exchange

For advertisers and publishers, Mailing Exchange is the first programmatic buying platform for e-mail marketing. Unlike the other platforms, Mailing Exchange is a transparent and data driven market for e-mail marketing.

E-mail requires individual approach

Display advertising has clearly improved with programmatic buying. Now it is time for e-mail marketing to take advantages. No more bulk e-mail classified as spam.


Millions of active users

Mailing Exchange combines programmatic buying with e-mail marketing for fully automatic one-to-one advertising. Moreover, it involves 3rd party data including general interests, purchase intentions, geolocalization, demographics and much more.


Monetize your database

Mailing Exchange gives you a new revenue stream and keeps your business model intact. You have the full control over trading terms and conditions.

3rd party data

Ultimate 3rd party data available for audience targeting


Stay in touch even with anonymous visitors using e-mail

Double opt-in

Only high quality databases


Only unique users


Unique users


Connected databases



CPM based