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Data Exchange

For advertisers and publishers, Data Exchange is a unique market place that offers ultimate 3rd party data.

Unlike other data providers, Data Exchange connects leading market players and provides over 9 billion high quality and consistent user profiles for all UE and North American markets.


Anonymous marketing is a waste of money

Data changes everything. Data makes marketing even more powerful. Data enables personalized communication with all individual customers. Data enrichment becomes crucial for on-line advertising, marketing automation and CRM platforms.

Buy Billions of user profiles

Data Exchange provides ultimate 3rd party data with thousands of attributes for over 9 billion user profiles. General interests, purchase intentions, geolocalization, mobile apps data, demographics and much more is available.

Sell Monetize your data

Data Exchange unveils the full potential of your resources. Data monetization is one of the hottest trends in the Internet.

  • Anti-fraud tools

    Data driven fraud detection algorithms

  • Audience reports

    Comprehensive user analytics with 3rd party data

  • Ad block discovery

    Data aware ad block detection

  • Dynamic optimization

    Custom segments improved by machine learning and 3rd party data

  • User graph

    Lookalike, cross-device, cross-location, cross-channel user discovery


Up-to-date profiles
High quality and verified 3rd party data

Deterministic data
Take advantage of declared and verified data

Probabilistic data
Use a wide variety of behaviorally assigned attributes

Use wide variety of behaviorally assigned attributes

Support for cookies and device identifiers


Non-PII data only
We do not collect any personally identifiable information

We respect DNT headers sent by web browsers

We support IAB recommendations


IAB taxonomy
About 500 predefined segments available

Custom taxonomies
Individual segments created on demand


We own one of the biggest data warehouses in the world.

9 bilion unique users


CPM based
Fixed CPM rate per impression
Available on the leading DSP platforms

Revenue share
Custom pricing and conditions
Suitable for CRM platforms

By using our data you will ensure that you are sending the right messages to the right audiences.
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What is 3rd party data?

Third-party data is data delivered by other providers. This data usually includes a very widerange of attributes. This data is usually available on the market at a specified price but private deals are possible.

Do you process any PII?

No. We use only anonymous data. We ensure that only anonymous data are being processed by our data engine. Our data providers are obliged to fulfill all legal requirements associated with PII and user profiling applicable in the EU.

How do you collect data?

We create anonymous user profiles and collect a variety of attributes from data providers. We cooperate with on-line publishers and ad networks. The majority of data comes from the Internet.

How do you provide data?

We provide data to the leading DSP and CRM platforms and are available on CPM basis. We are happy to make direct integrations if needed.