For advertisers, Demand Side Platform is an obvious choice that visibly improves return-on-investment for on-line campaigns.

Unlike the other services, the Demand Side Platform team has vast experience in data enriched on-line campaigns.


Big Data used efficiently

The Demand Side Platform is created by a unique team of on-line advertising specialists and data analysts. We successfully combine marketing strategies with required performance in both display and e-mail campaigns.

  • Audience analytics

    Quickly identify purchase intentions

  • Prospecting

    Bring new customers using lookalike modeling

  • Audience targeting

    Focus on the most valuable customers

  • Retargeting

    Retain your customers with display and e-mailing


500 Active campaigns



Cost-per-Action campaigns


Cost-per-Sale campaigns


Cost-per-Lead campaigns


Cost-per-Click campaigns


Do you work with affiliate networks?

No. Our Demand Side Platform is available only as a full-service option. Our highly-experienced team focuses on performance, using sophisticated data analysis tools. We use our Data Exchange to greatly improve efficiency of on-line campaigns.

Do you have self-service access?

Second-party data is data collected directly from your partners. This data usually includes on-line campaigns data and customer journey data. This data is shared between you and your partners according to individual agreements.

Do you have a white-label solution?

No. Our Demand Side Platform is not available as a white-label solution. It is a highly-customized system designed for performance purposes. We use a Data Exchange to greatly improve efficiency of on-line campaigns.

Improve your next campaign with our Demand Side Platform which gives advertisers the data and tools to create a campaign that is focused.

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