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For advertisers, Demand Side Platform is an obvious choice that visibly improves return-on-investment for on-line campaigns.

Unlike the other services, the Demand Side Platform team has vast experience in data enriched on-line campaigns.


Data is the future of on-line advertising

On-line advertising is becoming more and more complex. There are different devices. There are different channels. And there are issues like blocked or invisible ads. At the end of the day programmatic buying gives great opportunities for data aware advertisers.

Big Data used efficiently

The Demand Side Platform is created by a unique team of on-line advertising specialists and data analysts. We successfully combine marketing strategies with required performance in both display and e-mail campaigns.

  • Audience analytics

    Quickly identify purchase intentions

  • Prospecting

    Bring new customers using lookalike modeling

  • Audience targeting

    Focus on the most valuable customers

  • Retargeting

    Retain your customers with display and e-mailing


500 Active campaigns


Cost-per-Action campaigns

Cost-per-Sale campaigns


Cost-per-Click campaigns

Improve your next campaign with our Demand Side Platform which gives advertisers the data and tools to create a campaign that is focused.

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Do you work with affiliate networks?

No. Our Demand Side Platform is available only as a full-service option. Our highly-experienced team focuses on performance, using sophisticated data analysis tools. We use our Data Exchange to greatly improve efficiency of on-line campaigns.

Do you have self-service access?

Second-party data is data collected directly from your partners. This data usually includes on-line campaigns data and customer journey data. This data is shared between you and your partners according to individual agreements.

Do you have a white-label solution?

No. Our Demand Side Platform is not available as a white-label solution. It is a highly-customized system designed for performance purposes. We use a Data Exchange to greatly improve efficiency of on-line campaigns.