Data Management Platform

For advertisers, Data Management Platform is a must have technology that significantly improves direct marketing and on-line advertising. Unlike other technologies, Data Management Platform is a cloud-based, flexible and easy to adapt solution.

Data is the fuel of future

Data is everywhere. Data makes devices smart. Data makes business more efficient. Data management becomes crucial for companies and makes customers more satisfied, employees more loyal and investors more involved.

Big Data made easy

Data Management Platform is a cloud-based service suitable for 1st and 2nd party resources and can be easily enriched by 3rd party sets. It integrates all data including on-line advertising and CRM platforms and unveils their full potential.

1st party data

Collect own data from any source

2nd party data

Manage data collected for customers and partners

3rd party data

Take benefits of thousands of attributes for over 4 billion user profiles

CRM integrations

Enrich your CRM with ultimate data for better customer experience

DSP integrations

License your data to DSP platforms for on-line campaigns

Insights and analytics

Use machine learning for real-time reporting


Deterministic data

Take advantage of declared and verified data

Probabilistic data

Use wide variety of behaviorally assigned attributes


Support for custom fingerprinting and secure identifiers


Support for cookies and device identifiers


Unlimited events

Keep an unlimited number of events per user

Unlimited attributes

Describe users with an unlimited number of attributes


Raw data analyzed daily


SLA guaranteed



CPM based

Fixed CPM rate per impression
Suitable for 3rd party data enrichment

Revenue share

Custom pricing and conditions
Dedicated integrations available


What is 1st party data?

First-party data is your data. This data is collected directly from you own sources. This datausually includes website traffic data, mobile application data and CRM data. This data is available only to yourself unless you decide to license it to others.

What is 2nd party data?

Second-party data is data collected directly from your partners. This data usually includes on-line campaigns data and customer journey data. This data is shared between you and your partners according to individual agreements.

What is 3rd party data?

Third-party data is data delivered by other providers. This data usually includes a very wide range of attributes. This data is usually available on the market at a specified price but private deals are possible.